Our Mission

As citizens concerned with social justice and the deteriorating situation in Iraq, we have conceived a program that we hope will draw attention to the devastation of war and economic sanctions on the people of Iraq. We hope to expose the genocide and moral bankruptcy of U.S. foreign policy regarding people in Iraq, especially children.

Many people in America know little about what actually goes on in Iraq other than what the government-controlled media tells them. Many Americans are misinformed about the effects that government policy has on the civilian population. Bringing the truth to the public attention is our program’s objective.

We organize exhibitions of the works of Japanese photojournalist, Takashi Morizumi. The photos of this fine photographer deal with the horrors and ravages of war and economic sanctions in Iraq. The photo exhibition made its debut in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002.

We also distribute books, videos, and other educational material that is related to war on civilians in Iraq.

As part of our mission, we are exposing the use of DU weapons worldwide.We are working with other organizations toward a ban on the manufacture and use of DU weapons worldwide.

After identifying all locations where DU bombs were dropped, the US government must remove all contaminated material and clean up the environment in all affected areas of Iraq and other countries. The US government must take full responsibility for the use of DU weapons in Iraq, the Balkans, and other areas of conflict. The US government must pay for the medical evaluation and treatment of the DU affected children, and compensate the parents of the sick and dying children.

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