Children of the Gulf War Photo Exhibit

The exhibit includes approximately 50 photos taken by Takashi Morizumi since 1998. Some of these photos appear in the book Children of the Gulf War. You can read Takashi Morizumi's introduction to the book.

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The following are some of the photos from the exhibit:

All photos are copyrighted by Takashi Morizumi.

Burning oil fields

Oil fields burning from the war.


Ameriya Shelter: A cruise missile with a DU warhead hit the shelter on February 13, 1991. The 1500 people, mostly children were burned alive inside the shelter. The shelter is being preserved as a memorial.

Children's bomb shelter destroyed
Child at bomb site

A young boy next to bombed apartment house where many residents were killed.


Falah Hussein (age 20): When a U.S. dud bomb suddenly exploded, he lost his right leg. Two years later, he contracted bone cancer that spread to his lung. His doctor predicted he wouldn't survive another two weeks.

Father watching son die
Young girl dying

Fadel, 7 years old, came from Basra, South of Iraq. Depleted uranium, with it metal toxicity and radiation, has damaged her liver and kidneys. A needle was injected into her body to draw out the abdominal dropsy. She died soon after the painful injection.

Mother with dying daughter
Mother and child

Mothers with children in their arms in leukemia ward of Mansool Children's Hospital in Baghdad.

Mothers with dying children

8-year old Safaa at the entrance to Mansool Children's Hospital. She was leaving because they had run out of medicine. As a side effect of the anti-cancer medication she was taking to treat her leukemia, she had lost all of her hair.

Dying baby in hospital

Juwad has lost 550g in four month since his birth. His parents were unable to buy milk for him. He suffered from heavy diarrhea due to malnutrition. The hospital had almost no antibiotics available. Babies with low resistance are highly susceptible to infectious disease. Many fail to escape death.


Baby born with anencephaly. His shocked mother disappeared from the hospital.

Deformed baby


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